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Friday, December 22, 2006

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds Part II

"What exactly do you think you are doing? Get back in there......" she said. He was nearly lost in that jacket. She turned to leave but then she felt something poke her from behind. A gun. She should have known. It was kind of weird that he even lasted this long under her. "Move......into the building.....NOW!"he said in a gruff voice. "Listen....what exactly do you think you are doing??? You cannot handle this by yourself..." He grabbed her arm, stopped her short that took her by surprise. Guess she had to teach him the hard way. "Fine but we realy dont have time for hese childish games." She moved up the stairs into the building. The victim would be out soon....she had to get this over with and.....ohhhh so he had been smart. She smiled as she saw room full of thugs staring at her.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds: Part I

She stepped up to the counter. The badge on his shirt said Alex. More information that she didn't need but that was thrust on her. "Can I help you?", he grinned like a big, cheery ape. "Yes, a Marble Mocha to go, please", she tried to hide her impatience. If only she could just say what she was thinking, which would have been, "Watcha gotta smile about, you grinning lout, working as you are as a waiter and selling overpriced coffee to folks who have a lifestyle that can never be yours! So wipe that smirk off your face and get me a Marble Mocha. Make it snappy!" Maybe a pleasant smile afterwards, to show that there were no hard feelings. He buzzed around putting her frapaccino together, like it was an art form or something. Really, people took pride in absurdities. As she was paying up, she glanced quickly out of the shop window at the apartment entrance opposite. He chose that moment to step out of the shade of the apartment awning. Oh shit! She should have known! One minute to get a coffee and he decides to make his move then. She thrust ten bucks blindly on the counter and left clutching her coffee. She put her glasses on as she ducked out of the shop and scanned the street to see where he'd gone. She saw the tail of his coat whip around the corner of Times and Shakespeare. She hurried after him. She remembered the Teacher's monotonous voice, "Always blend in". Well, hurrying definitely made her blend in. This was the country where everyone bustled, after all. She rounded the corner and saw him waiting to cross the road. He crouched in his longcoat, huddling against the sharp wind that had sprung up out of nowhere. She lingered outside a shop window. Lingerie. Just her luck, stand looking at clothing that she could never imagine buying, or having bought for her, she thought wryly.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To new beginnings

OK guys, check it out. A flash in the pan, maybe but I didn't want to litter this one with my unadulteratedly rubbishy posts, so I unveil for your pleasure, ta-da *drumrolls*

The Other One

The baby was born today and brought kicking and screaming into the world, so be nice to it even if it looks pink faced, wrinkly and suspiciously of darwinian origin.

The Beginning of the End, Perhaps?

The Big P looked up from his Mac laptop. "Yes, Priyanka, what is it?" he asked her. "I did it, sir", she sounded a little worried, "I let them find the bracelet. But I just realised we made a er...mistake." The Big P frowned, "What mishtake-dishtake? Didn't I tell you I'd let you finish your PhD this year if you did this properly? What did you do wrong this time?" Priyanka sighed, it really wasn't her fault, "Umm, sir, the bracelet has english lettering on it. We umm..kinda forgot that umm...the Harappans didn't know english." She looked at him despondently. Really it was such an obvious thing, how had she not thought of it! Now that stupid Gaurav would definitely figure it out. "Hmm, oh well, never mind. We'll just not let out all the details. We'll say that there were some intriguing finds that suggest a breakthrough into the language of the Indus civilisation. We'll say that the whole damn language is now intelligible to us. It'll be a triumph. I'll see to it that those other two chumps don't open their mouths about it. After all, they're my grad students.", he smiled in quite an evil fashion she thought, "I've already written out a story for the background. That we can incorporate into our findings. I'll claim I found a diary. Like that Jewish female. What was her name? Amy or something. I'm trying to figure out how to end it though. All these theories regarding the end of the civilisation are so complicated. I've already put in forest fires, inter-tribal wars, and a murder, just in case. I think we've covered all our bases." He looked at her. What was she supposed to say? Forest fires, inter-tribal wars and murder?!! Goodness, the old boy had completely lost it. Yeah, she knew he needed funding desperately and he needed a breakthrough. This was his last chance and he didn't want to screw it up. But still she felt people would smell a rat if they saw that bracelet, even Arundathi would, slow on the uptake as she was. Oh well, it was the Big P's headache. She'd get to graduate and that was all that mattered to her. "So what are you waiting for?" he asked her irritably, "Go tell the rest of them that you've spoken to me, because you recognised that the bracelet was an authentic example of Harappan jewellery. And also tell them that there'll be a meeting in an hour's time. I'll send the lot of them packing, I'll tell them this is a very sensitive enterprise and I will be personally responsible so they can all go home, and I'll call them later if the need arises. Go, go." She slunk out of the tent. For a minute she felt guilty. It somehow seemed a little dishonorable, the whole thing. Oh well, she cheered herself up, politicians were raping this country every second without even a second thought. What she was doing was nothing compared to all that. And all was fair in..well..in art and archeology. She wondered idly about the story the Big P was writing about Melito (and what kinda name was that, neway). She figured she'd see it in some prominent journal before the month was out. Thankfully, she wouldn't be given any sort of authorship. See, there was a God! She smiled to herself and walked towards Gaurav and Arundathi. She had to be professional, she had a job to finish.

Update: After hectic rounds of conferencing the Whatiteez team has come to the decision that the saga (as this is heretofore dubbed) will be continued at some hazy future date. So, all faithful readers (yeah, and I mean both of you) please keep in mind that the details of Melito's plight are not to be forgotten

Monday, December 18, 2006

They were leaning over the skeleton. "shhhh! those labourers will hear us" said Priyanka. "well...if you weren't stepping on my feet......." was Gaurav. "ME! I'm far away from you! Now dont start all this mutter-"
"GUYS!!! look here........theres a bracelet on this skeleton......" Arundati was brushing away all the mud. "So that was what was shining in the morning .....if you hadn't yelled...." said Gaurav. "It says M-E-L-I......." said Arun "I can't read the rest." "MELITO!" said Gaurav grabbing the bracelet..."weird name....do you think it was a guys or a girls" "Gaurav....we dont have time for that dawns going to break. Priyanka......lets start it out you have the......Priyanka! where is she?" said Arundati staring all around. "Hey Priyanka this is DEFINATELY NOT FUNNY!!"


"I'm dying. I'm dying" was the only thought Melito could think of. Some one was strangling her! AIR! SHE NEEDED AIR!.........she opened her eyes....meditation was weird.....you could nearly DIE.......BALTO! BALTO it was him he was running towards her only she could hear someone scream. he was carrying a knife....propably for protection. He ran towards her......she could hardly speak. He hugged her...she hugged him back and suddenly...she was choking he'd he'd stabbed her. As she felt to the floor she thought "Maybe dreams don't come true.......even for me" and Balto....she could vaguely see had stabbed himself.

Friday, December 15, 2006

"And that's it? We let laborers dig up archeological sites? And then we steal the artefacts back from them? Is he crazy? Are all of you crazy?" Gaurav was apparently not happy. But then thought Priyanka neither was she, though Arun seemed perfectly fine with it. Which was just like her. "C'mon you guys. You KNOW this is wrong. I say we do something about it", he thundered. Oh no, another one of his crazy schemes. She could see it coming. What would he suggest this time. Killing the Big P? Drowning all the laborers and then impersonating them and continuing the excavation. Where G was considered you could never be sure."What do you want to do, Gaurav? This is how it is. Like it or lump it, and I suggest you lump it." "Priyanka, don't be defeatist. You can do better than that! We need some initiative here. Can't we get all the other students together and stage a protest? Write a letter to Mr. Subramaniam? Write out a petition to the Big P?" Priyanka sighed for what felt like the millionth time, "Don't be a baby, Gaurav. You think writing a letter to the head of the ASI is going to help? How? You think he'll immediately come running, give you an award and make you head of the excavation. You're just being ridiculous. Protests and petitions, they serve no purpose in our country. And you ought to know better." Gaurav simmered silently. She could hear thoughts popping in his head, like popcorn in a microwave. Which made sense because men were a lot like microwaves. You put thoughts in their heads and let them mull over them too long and they tended to boil over, making a mess. Arun's slow voice made itself heard in the ensuing silence, " Guys, I think I have an idea". Both of them looked at her. "Let's use the skeleton that Gaurav found. Yeah the one you're attempting to hide ludicrously under that bush, Gaurav . Let's use it to scare the laborers. It'll at least buy us some time, won't it? And when THEY protest it normally makes a difference. And I'm not trying to make a casteist statement or anything! Before either of you come up with something brilliant like that. Just stating facts. If they refused to work on religious grounds, no pun intended it'd play into our hands, wouldn't it?"
She had to find her family. Where were they? Never mind Baltos. He had never mattered much except in her dreams. He had been their saviour there. This made her stop and think. Everything else she had dreamt about had come true. Should she try to find Baltos? What if this was her chance to atone for her sins? She knew the enemies of their race were out there, waiting. The forest fire was the perfect opportunity for those devils to attack her tribe and vanquish them. They were defenseles, hungry, tired, homeless and vulnerable. She hesitated. She didn't know what to do and the confusion on top of everything else that had happened made reality harder to deal with. She squatted on the muddy ground and began chanting the first prayer her mum had taught her. Pashwan was a Fierce God but she believed He was a Just one as well. And while she couldn't understand the reasons for His actions she knew that all the trouble that had been visited on her tribe was mainly her own fault. She had been wicked and she had to atone for it. She would find Baltos and she would ask him, no beg him, to be their Hero.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

As Arun approached the Big P she saw him talking to a man who reminded of a lizard. She saw him slither away, when Big P in his patronizing fashion waved a dismissing hand at the lizard man. She walked up to the Professor, it took more than construction workers on sight to perturb Arun, and yet the strangest things would fluster, like a joke she couldn’t hear. "Siiiir" she drawled, " there are some men here who say they are going to build houses here”. “ Yes I see that Arundati, its ok I just spoke to the supervisor and he says that the houses will be only around the border of the site. At least this way we can recover any artifacts recovered for us, a bonus don’t you think?” “But sir”, she said “can’t we stop them?” “No we can’t, its all very political lets not get into this, now you go start doing your work, otherwise we will never get OUR job done” he said. Arun steadily walked back towards the others, much like The Tortoise, slow and steady.

“What did he say, what did he say” asked Priyanka.


Melito felt the ground quiver under her body, this didn’t feel like a boat, she thought, in her disorientation she forgot that she had built herself a temporary shelter along with a few other people who had left the town. She also remembered all the dreams she had had before the forest fire had happened, her dreams in which she had seen that face- Baltos face. She had briefly seen it pass her window, but it all seemed unreal, why would she have seen someone who actually existed but she had never met in her dream. And what had the stranger been doing around their neighborhood. She had been born there and she new everyone who had lived there. But the dreams she had had a month before were very clear, she had seen fire, her family and friends in trouble, she had even dreamt that they had been attacked by the hunters of the forest. She had even gone to the Bhatkal, but he had been too busy performing the rain dance to appease the gods. They believed that too many bad things had happened of late, and this must be Pashwans way of showing his anger.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Arun! What? What are you yelling for? What the f-" Gaurav stared at the scene in front of his eyes. Construction workers were bustling around carting bricks and cement around. "OMG" whispered Arun, "The Big P! Someone has to tell him". "Lets not jump to conclusions just yet, Arun, hold your horses. Let's talk to them first". Gaurav walked up to the nearest worker. "Boss, what's going on here?", he asked (in Hindi, of course). "What does it look like?" asked the worker, as he hawked and spat out a glob of something. "I don't know and that's why I'm asking", replied Gaurav, a little irritated. "We're building a housing center. The Government wants a new slum, I suppose" he cackled. Gaurav was a little taken aback. He had expected that answer but still at some level had not expected it. He turned to Arun, "Go tell your Big P then". Arun hurried off towards the big tent. He saw her meet Priyanka on the way. They had an animated conversation and then Priyanka looked in his direction, shading her eyes against the setting sun. They both turned towards the big tent again and then Priyanka seemed to hesitate, turned around and started walking towards Gaurav.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lunch went off fairly well with the Big P not around. Priyanka guessed he was on one of his 'im not eating till there's order around here' moods which had been happening a lot since the time Gaurav joined. Honestly that boy was going to get into SERIOUS trouble one of these days. "Wanna get sarted right now?" was Arundati. "No....I think we should just look around for now. I mean just get into the mood of things" was Priyanka's advise. Gaurav nodded. He had been wanting to take a look at that skeleton. But what about the equipment? He'd have to come back later that night. Priyanka and Arun had aldready left. "Hey Arun. Tell Priyanka we'll meet at around six in this room". Arundati nodded.
Guess he'd better leave. HE felt drawn to that spot where they'd left the skeleton. Hmmm....There was no crime in going back. He knelt down next to te bush. Dug out the skeleton. He whistled. "What was that in the skeletons hand? It was shining." He put out his hand and cleared out the dust on whatever it was. It glistened in the sun. Suddenly, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" Arun's voice made him jump.
Melito tried to open her eyes. A blinding flash of light. She tried to get up. "Aah!" her foot hurt. SHe could hear gruff voices. They were nearly yelling at each other. She could hear a baby.....a baby crying and very faintly she could hear the soft soothing voice. His voice. SHe tried to call out to him but her throat was hoarse. She needed water. Suddenly the voices began to scream and there was a splash followed by the yell of a woman and splashing in the water.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Through the darkness she could see blurry images. It looked like there were atleast 5 people flitting about, talking in muted voices. She tried to turn her head but immediately felt nauseous. She was dizzy and her head was aching. What had happened? She could hear the lapping of the water outside on a boat. So they must be near the Sarasvati. But where was he? Was he around? She strained to hear his voice. What were all these people talking about? She smelt smoke and gingerly tried to sit up. "Melito", it was a harsh whisper, "Don't move, child, you need to rest". " But.." "Shhh!" someone hissed.
"I don't see why you should talk to him like that, Gaurav. Do you want to be sent away? Look, he's just doing his job! This site's been excavated atleast five times already. You think that noone would have seen this skeleton just lying around on the ground? Use you brain, for heaven's sake, God gave it to you for a reason." Priyanka was not happy. Now they were all in trouble and she had wanted to stay in the Big P's good books for the duration of the dig. How was she ever going to get a sniff of the action if Gaurav insisted on being a jerk. "He's a pompous self-important fool", grumbled Gaurav, "I'm not saying that I can prove this is an authentic Harappan skeleton. All I said was let's do tests on it before you decide to junk it. Don't see why he should go ordering me around. They never treated students like this in the UK". " Would you stop talking about the UK as if people are perfect there? Hard luck, you're not in the UK anymore. So suck it up and stop being a baby", it was Arundathi's turn. They were both furious. Gaurav started laughing, "OK OK I'm not a match for two angry, hissing women. I'm sorry. I promise to suck up to Big P for the rest of the day and make it up to you both, OK? Friends?" Both the girls glared at him. Priyanka reluctantly smiled, "Deal", she said. "Yeah yeah, whatever", muttered Arundathi. The girls wandered off toward the Lunch tent. "I'll catch up with you guys in a second, Nature Calls", yelled Gaurav. Arundathi waved a hand in acknowledgement and the girls moved away. He could hear them discussing whether there'd be dhal or sabji for lunch. He quickly bent down and shovelled some loose dirt over the bony mass. He looked around, saw a handy bush, uprooted it and placed it on top of the sand pile he'd made. He dusted his hands off. There, this would keep it for a while. He'd be back. Much the Big P knew about anything. He sauntered behind the girls wondering whether they'd have dhal or sabji for lunch.

Priyanka and Gaurav turned around. Arundati was bending down low, staring at something. "C'mon. Let's go check it out" was Gaurav. Priyanka couldn't help smiling. There was such a visible look of excitement in his eyes and yet he'd deny it under alien water torture! Well.....guess that was just how life was. "WOW!" She could hear Gaurav. She walked towards the two of them and peeped over Gaurav's shoulder. It was what looked like a person. Except.....he/she was a lot more bony. Well...DUH! "Proffessor....." started Priyanka when Gurav glared at her. Henever did get along with the proffessor but that didn't mean that they couldn't tell him. Right? He WAS the 'producer' of this whole thing. "What? we got to tell him!" she said. Gaurav rolled his eyes. The Proffessor stooped down to Arundati's level (well....physically :P). "Hmmmm...." he said....."Worthless. Get rid of it." "WHAT!! You can't just say its worthless....you havent even had it tested!!!!!" was Gaurav.
"Listen. Am I incharge or are you? What I say goes. And I say that body was found here less than 200 years ago!! Now put it back inside or LEAVE! Get it?"