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Thursday, February 22, 2007

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds: Part IX

So Harrison was dead, good riddance in a way. He had never met such a bumbling psychopath before. The two pesky kids were locked in the room. He had to admit that his dialogue about the painless and painful death had been brilliant. He allowed himself a dry smile. He had an hour to check in at the clinic. He didn't want the new receptionist to suspect something. He didn't need another body to dispose of right now. The last one had been problematic enough. Overdose of heroin had been a good idea though. "Look after the prisoners. Especially the girl.", he barked at one of his henchmen. Robinson, the fellow's name was he thought. "If anything happens and they manage to escape I will personally shoot you in the heart", he menaced, "Robinson" he added. For effect. To show everyone that he knew exactly whom he was talking to. "Umm", Robinson shuffled his feet. "Speak up, man, speak up. You're not a debutante at her coming out party." "Sir, the name's Robertson", Robinson mumbled. "Robinson-Robertson, pot-ay-to-pot-ah-to, what difference does it make?" he was irritated now. Trivialities. He walked out, got into the waiting car and drove away. Robertson smiled disarmingly at the other thugs in the room. "I'm just going to go check on the prisoners", he said. The rest of them ignored him. No one knew where he'd come from. The thugs were used to knowing everyone in their social circle. And the strangeness of this man disturbed them.
She was waking up. Kevin almost wished she wouldn't. He felt wretched. And a little embarrassed that he hadn't even managed to hit one thug while she'd faced down five of them. He supposed she'd crow about it. "Look at the big picture", he told himself, "That is not the important part of it". She stirred. She fingered the blood on her forehead. "Don't worry about it, we'll get through. You couldn't have done anything", she whispered. "Those were my lines", he said. She grinned at him. "Did anyone come in? What happened when I was knocked out? How long have you been awake?" They both heard a shuffle outside the door. The knob was turning. "Shhh.."

Sunday, February 18, 2007

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds: Part VIII

"Are you okay?" he asked. "Do i look okay?" she asked through gritted teeth. "Just drive, wait turn left here." she said as she shot another bullet t the cars chasing them. "I know this is the wrong time, but are you scared of anything?" said Kevin. "You were right this isnt the time. Now turn right here and look for a sign saying "budgies for sale" " she said. "What the heck are budgies?" asked Kevin. "Birds" she said. "Yeah now drp me here, thanks a lot by the way for bringing me so far." she said smiling "WHAT??? I cant leave you here, there are a bunch of guys chasing you and besides......." said Kevin. "Scared aren't you? " She smiled more. "No way!" he said shivering. "Okay so you're going to come with me? You gotta be fast......." He shrugged. "Okay get out. Get out now!"she said. "WHAT!" he cried, but she had aldready jumped out of the moving vehicle. "Oh god oh god. hElp." he said and jumped. HE saw her running through the trees. HE got up, arm hurting he ran after her. Suddenly something hit him on the head but he could stil see her, blurred. Four men surrounded her. They were fighting, she was losing. It looked like she was hurt badly. Everything blacked out.

He woke up. He was tied to something. His arm hurt. He was thirty. Why was it so dark? AAh.....some light came in through the window. He could see her. She was tied next to him, still unconcious (wrong spelling). Oh my god! She was bleeding, someone must have hit her on the forehead during the FIGHT! Why did she have to be an assasin and drag him into everything! He hated the sight of blood! He couldn't even use a rifle and she was sooo brave! UGH! HE wished it was the other way around. Someone entered the room. "aah! so you are awake Kevin. Good morning or should i say Good night." It was the teacher of assasination before the schism and still was in the opposite side. "What are you going to do with us?" he asked bravely. "Isn't it obvious......kill you. You can choose one of you die painfully and the other painlessly. Its another one of my eveil schemes! And what you see next to you..........she is bound to wake up soon. I shall come in to welcome her and you should have decided by then. GOOD NIGHT!"