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Friday, April 13, 2007

Untitled...oops! maybe you can suggest a title

A man, a cat and a dog
got stuck in a treacherous piece of bog.
There, they found a log
on top of which the cat began to jog

The man began to fret
while the dog began to sweat.
the cat did not fear
until the log cried "Oh dear!"

This DID NOT help the man
and the dog desperately needed to use the can.
the cat thought this was weird
and tugged at the man's beard

the man jumped out of his state
and that was the end of his fate
the dog could bear it no longer
and now he felt pangs of hunger

the log said "If you answer my doubt,
I shall surely get you out"
At that point the dog jumped about
"I'll answer anything you want!" he began to shout.

The cat was amazed
and the log was dazed
'cos they both thought that the dog was dumb
for since the begining he was sucking his thumb.

"Here it is", the log said
"Where o where can i find myself a bed?"

The cat replied "Ha ha! this is easy",
but actually he was starting to feel really queasy
Both the cat and the dogstared at each other
through gritted teeth the dog said "what's the answer brother?"

"I'll tell you the answer", the cat said,
"You can sleep right here on the dog's head"
Both the cat and the dog began to smile
as they watched the dog run a mile


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ok guys....the..erm specialist is on his/her way to finish the last story but until then i thot i should TRY posting this....

Death by chocolate

There wasn't a sound that could be heard,
Not a car nor a plane not even a bird.
The only soul that was awake.
was greedily munching chcolate cake
Who knows his story? who even cares?
Nobody wants to know about a man who doesen't share
Back to the story, why was it soo quiet?
Did it all have something to do with a tyrant?
Was he the man who was munching away?
Not bothered whether it was night or day?
As the dawn broke and the evil sun appeared
the chocolate cake had fast disappeared.
The tyrant was dead and joy broke out
the now awake people let out a shout.
And as for confused people like you
what i say is always true!!!
Written by the most honest girl in the WORLD!