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Friday, January 26, 2007

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds: Part VII

"Ouch!" She looked out through the window, ducking and weaving to stay an elusive target to the marksman. "Oh yikes! It's the teacher this time. No easy way out of this one. Sadly." Kevin silently stepped on the gas. Ever since he'd met Jen, during the orientation for the Love and Literature in Roman Times grad school program, at the Aberdeen University, he'd know that there was something different about her. It had taken 2 years to break down her guard. Actually he hadn't really broken it down. He'd just helped her ummm loosen up with the aid of generous dollops of Tequila. Silver Patron. Her favourite. Bloody expensive it had been. The stuff she'd told him had completely freaked him out. But he had not grown up with the mob for nothing. Shit happened. People got born and didn't realise how the real world was until they were neck deep and sinking in a morass of sin and bloodshed. He had never judged her. And in return she didn't judge him. They knew each other's deepest secret though, and that created a very strong bond. The only reason he was in this car right now, trying to outrun a coldblooded murderer, one of the best marksmen in Scotland Yard, and the person who would send him on his way to the next world most likely. "Turn right", she ordered as she extracted various parts of her rifle from her layered clothing and assembled them. "Is that a good idea?" he asked, simply because the right turn would take them back towards the University where the cover of normal people millling around would be lost. " Turn right" she yelled. He yanked the wheel around in frustration. Stupid bitch. He hated the way she ordered him around, like she was the only one who knew anything. "Scorpion" Harrison was standing four square in the middle of the road, aiming a pistol at his head. "Look outt" he yelled as he stepped on the gas and barreled towards the man. He heard the whine of a bullet as it went past his head. He saw Jen turn around. She took careful aim (at least as careful as it was possible to be in a car that was swerving left and right erratically). She fired a shot. Harrison rushed towards the windshield, there was a thwack. He went under. The car jolted, and continued along the road. Kevin was shaken. He had to admit it. "Just keep driving", she said in a quieter voice. He was almost scared of her, for the first time since they had known each other.


Blogger sraiyan said...

Tooo cool! But listen......how many are the maximum posts per story? i duno wat to do...am speechless! better do somethin FAST!!

12:51 PM

Blogger Revealed said...

8 to 10 babe. We're reaching the limit. Need to finish it off in the next 3 posts. So get cracking :P

9:51 PM

Blogger Cloudy said...

Now I'm completely confused. Won't even try to make sense of what's going on! But I admit, it's entertaining!

First, by the way.

1:01 AM

Blogger Obi Wan said...

Me 2nd! Full on action happening! Gimme more!!!

11:47 PM

Blogger Kaushik Gopalan said...


The next part better be worth the wait, cos the tension is killing me. Just killing me.

3:59 AM

Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Another gaming story? Out of the XBox?


10:20 AM

Blogger Revealed said...

@JAP: These are the sortsa stories they have on the X-Box? *goes wide-eyed with wonder*. Why oh why didn't I buy myself one (other than the fact that I cannot afford one)?

@Sraiyan: Popsy, are you gonna add to it or no? [-(

4:05 AM


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