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Thursday, January 11, 2007

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds: Part IV

"Yes? Do you have an appointment?" said the receptionist. So this has what this place has become he thought. Well........it WAS a fact that all 'teachers' follow proffesions like a dentist or a doctor. "uh...sir?" "yeah...........uh im an old friend of tea.. i mean Dr. Kurtx. Could you tell him a Harrison is here to see him?" Lame names he knew but he couldnt possibly tell her the scorpion was here to see the cobra. "You may go in now" she said.
"Ahhh.....what is it now you fool? CAN YOU NOT HANDLE A SILLY LITTLE GIRLL!"
"No teacher...it isnt that. It's just that she's sooo.....well different. she does'nt scream and cry"
"WEll then make her! You know what she does spoils our job completely! After all we are assasins. She warns our victims. I dont know why but I want her alive and i know we've got her so KEEP her till I get there! now get on those dumbheads may have aldready mudled up"
Harrison a.k.a scorpion a.k.a he waled into the room. She was still there her back facing him. She was tied up reall tight he could see and she was squirming trying to escape. He faced her. She saw him stopped squirming n smiled, an evil smile. He gave her one slap and yelled "STOP SQUIRMING! YOU CAN"T ESCAPE. Now get this straight......I'm not going to treat all sweetly cos you're a woman. GOT THAT?"


Blogger Revealed said...

Omgggg soooo coollll!!! Havent read it yet but gonna do it right away. Heheh.

8:56 PM

Blogger Revealed said...

OMG! Babe! This is getting serious now!! *searches frantically for thinking cap*

8:57 PM

Blogger Obi Wan said...

Me 1sttt!!!

Hitting a lady??? Tch tch tch, the scorpion is no gentleman, as is obvious :-)

10:18 AM

Blogger afei1122 said...

Congratulations. Its a nice blog you are keeping here. Keep it up and all the best.If you have some time, do check my personal blog and don't forget to leave a little comment for me while you are there.

12:38 AM

Blogger Revealed said...

@Obi: Heh.

@afei1122: I shall definitely keep that in mind.

12:56 AM


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