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Monday, September 10, 2007

whatcha think abt this?

Okay guys, here's a little something that i wrote today being jobless and all........its just a small attempt at reviving the blog:

I'm sitting here NOT studying
'cos I left my bag in the car.
I really should be worrying
since they've gone off pretty far.

Who knows when they'll be back?
But until then I'm all alone
staring at the bookshelf
feeling really really torn

Torn between comfort and anxiety
Torn between truth and reality
Torn between frustration and joy
Torn between----Oh shit they're here!

By ME!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

He who sows winds will reap whirlwinds-hopefully final instalment-finally-*drum rolls*

Robertson walked in. "uh-oh" muttered Kevin. He gave her a look that said 'here comes trouble'. To his surprise, she had a weird expression on her face that he could not clearly see cos of the dim light. She nearly screamed. Robertson walked towards her, a weird smile on his face and he kissed her. Kevin was shocked. "Oh my gosh Robbie! I havent seen you since then.........since the schism." "Alright. What's going on? Is this some kind of a joke?" asked Kevin, "who's he? and what on earth is the schism?" "You might as well know......." she rolled her eyes; "this........is Robbie a.k.a Robertson a.k.a One eyed pitcher. Dont ask me why. We used to be in the same gang. The same set of assassins and then the doctor came. He aldready had a set of people behind him. He wanted to change the rules. We put up a fight. Many of us died 'cos the doc's inventions were no match for us. But people like me and Robbie are still alive more worried about our survival know than the assassinations or even the rest of us. It's each woman........or man for herself." She finished breathless. "Ok. let's get outta here. More chit-chat later" said Robbie. He had finished untying her. She hugged him. Kevin never knew that she could be soo mushy. "Now can some one untie me?" he literally yelled. As soon as he did that, he realised his mistake. The others were staring at the door way. "Good entrance huh?" said the doctor; "very dramatic I thought" He looked at her. "No?" he didnt wait for an answer; "Well........whether you think it was dramatic or not wont matter in a few minutes. Dont u think so.........Robertson?"
"no i do not! Let them go............its me you want" said Robbie. "Oh nO! u are mistaken. You are completely useless to me now! What I want is............Kevin.........you should have guessed THAT by now" "ME? Why?" asked Kevin. "She didnt tell you thaat part did she? You are what we call the 'Mediator'. As long as you are alive you can IF u want to ie, put an end to this war that the outside world is unaware of. Naturally, I dont want u alive but instead of killing you i might as well kill these two since they ARE the last few alive. So do u want to pick or shall I?". Kevin was speechless. "Dont answer Kevin. Look away" she said; "he's fooling you" "And why should u believe HER! she lied to you" was the doctor. "No Kev..........listen! Do as I say. Jus-" There was a bang. SHe was shot, again. But this time it wasnt a gun. It was something far more powerful. It hit her smack in the middle. She fell down with a THUD. " YOu thought a moment too long said the doctor". She was alive. He knew it..........She couldnt be dead! No way! She was the closest he had to a friend. HE saw her move slightly. She tried to get up. She nearly made it up but then BANG! another shot. She crumpled. "NO STOP!Why do you torture people this way? I'm not going to let this happen" said Kevin. Robertson walked slowly towards the doctor. "the jigs up!" he said; "might as well give up". "NO NO WAY!" cried Kevin. She could still be alive. Another bang. BLACKNESS..........................
He woke up. Stood up. He could walk. Talk. Hear. Smell. He was fine. 'Cept him chest hurt like crazy. She was there too. She seemed to walk with more difficulty. "How are you?" she said and then winced. "Where are we?" he asked. "Safe." she replied; "And thats all that matters."

Alternative Ending
She woke up. That assassination at least was successful. Could have been done much more easily. But that was the doctor for you always playing games. That was one thing they had in common.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Untitled...oops! maybe you can suggest a title

A man, a cat and a dog
got stuck in a treacherous piece of bog.
There, they found a log
on top of which the cat began to jog

The man began to fret
while the dog began to sweat.
the cat did not fear
until the log cried "Oh dear!"

This DID NOT help the man
and the dog desperately needed to use the can.
the cat thought this was weird
and tugged at the man's beard

the man jumped out of his state
and that was the end of his fate
the dog could bear it no longer
and now he felt pangs of hunger

the log said "If you answer my doubt,
I shall surely get you out"
At that point the dog jumped about
"I'll answer anything you want!" he began to shout.

The cat was amazed
and the log was dazed
'cos they both thought that the dog was dumb
for since the begining he was sucking his thumb.

"Here it is", the log said
"Where o where can i find myself a bed?"

The cat replied "Ha ha! this is easy",
but actually he was starting to feel really queasy
Both the cat and the dogstared at each other
through gritted teeth the dog said "what's the answer brother?"

"I'll tell you the answer", the cat said,
"You can sleep right here on the dog's head"
Both the cat and the dog began to smile
as they watched the dog run a mile