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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

He who Sows Winds will Reap in Whirlwinds: Part III

"Did you really think this was going to help? You're such a pathetic loser! A room full of low-lifes to catch one girl??!!", she almost giggled. He was furious. How could she look so cool. Did she not understand that she was surrounded by three men who were all bigger than her with another one pointing a gun at her kidneys? "Just don't make any hasty moves, and everything will be fine", he mumbled, feeling more nervous with every second. He should never have taken the Teacher's advice. There was no way he could win with this girl. She was dangerous. He could almost hear her mind racing, as she judged how best to get out of the situation. "Listen to yourself, you moron. "Just don't make any hasty moves"" she mimicked his underconfident mumble rather well, he had to admit. He glared at her. The other guys in the room were getting nervous too. He could hear them fidgeting. They were men of muscle, with nothing between their ears to impede their actions. Keeping them still for too long was disastrous. He nudged her forward with his gun. "Tie her up. In the chair. And make the ropes tight." The biggest one hulked forward. "What is she, a Houdini?" he snickered. "Was Houdini the chap who killed the president?" asked the smallest one. "I always thought it was a sort of beer", chimed in the third. "Really? Are you sure you aren't confusing it with Heineken?" she said. Apparently, she was having a wonderful time. You'd have thought she was having tea with her aunt! "Stop it! Stop talking to her!!" he screamed. All four turned to look at him. They seemed more puzzled than anything else. "I'm going out for a bit", he said, blushing in embarrassment, and edging towards the door. He closed it behind him, locked it, feeling their amusement coming at him in waves, right through the door. He had to talk to the Teacher. This was just not his sort of affair.


Blogger jd_5231 said...

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11:41 PM

Blogger Revealed said...

OK now I just want them to stop. Do you think that they KNOW I shop at A and F?

12:22 AM

Blogger Cloudy said...

And they ALWAYS seem to be FIRST.... (tho this one forgot to claim hehehehehe So me first!)

Good to see Part III! I like the cool heroine chews up bumbling male... is he hiding a surprise twist perhaps?

12:28 AM

Blogger Revealed said...

Yeah, me too (like the cool heroine I mean) and I couldn't resist the bumbling male. Hehe. Twistier the better I say, though.

(As for the A and F guys, one more peep out of them and they're gonna get some sorta nasty surprise..haven't decided what yet..but some sort! [-( )

1:44 AM

Blogger Obi Wan said...

Me 2nd!!!

Wish you a very belated happy birday revealed. Since you are my happy birday neighbour, special wishes for you. I hereby increase my normal blessing a 1000 times-"May you be the mother of a million sons"! :-)

10:28 AM

Blogger Revealed said...

@Obi: Heh! Now, is that a blessing or a curse?

8:26 PM

Blogger Cloudy said...

@Revealed: Exactly what I said to him when he conferred this ..um.. 'blessing' on me...

1:04 AM

Blogger Revealed said...

@Cloudy: I'm actually shivering in my shoes at the thought of his..umm..'blessing'

2:08 AM

Blogger Obi Wan said...

You women should 'count' your blessings! There are many in this world who would touch my feet for such blessings. Some people are so ungrateful, I tell you... :-)

10:15 AM

Blogger Sunshine said...

Hey Revealed, Happy belated Birthday :-) You have my blessings too, but they are actual blessings unlike Obi's ;-)

I like the cool heroine too!! :-)

7:46 PM

Blogger Revealed said...

@Obi: Yeah, but if my 'blessings' went up to a million I doubt I could count them :P. I can count till 10 but after that its a guessing game ;)
@SS: Ty :). Cool heroines rock :P (PGW ishtyle)

11:23 PM


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